Hurricane Windstorm Protection

High wind speeds can create havoc for building owners. We provide solutions to help secure buildings most vulnerable areas: windows, doors, and large openings. We have several product systems that help achieve your desired protection level ranging from safety film anchoring systems, security shutters, small opening hurricane screens, and large opening hurricane screens.

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Hospital Safety and Protection Solutions

Your hospital is at risk every time there is a storm tracking towards your coastline or an inclement weather pattern is forming. How you protect your hospital can mean the difference between being ready and being ruined. Enpro Contracting has developed the best approach to hurricane and windstorm protection for some high profile hospitals and has also been awarded major contracts which should convince you to talk to us before deciding on the necessary upgrades you require.


When MD Anderson Cancer Center needed the best high-rise window protection against hurricane winds, they chose Enpro Contracting to provide their solutions. Solutions included safety film and mechanical frame attachment.

When St. Luke’s Hospital in Houston, Texas needed windstorm protection for their hospital, they awarded the contract to Enpro. With the use of safety window film and frame attachment systems, Enpro protected every pane of glass in the high-rise facility, ensuring a safer environment for both patients and employees.

When Christus Hospital in Port Arthur, Texas needed a complete protection system for every window and door so that their coastal hospital could be up and running immediately after the storm, they chose Enpro for the multiple solutions necessary to protect their property. Solutions included safety window film and wet glaze attachment, individual hurricane window screens and large opening hurricane screens.

When West Calcasieu Cameron Hospital needed a reliable solution for hurricane protection, for both interior and exterior glass, that fit their budgets, they chose Enpro for the right products and the right price. Solutions included safety film and wet glaze.


When project management is critical and patient well-being is job one, these hospitals chose Enpro to provide the leadership and understanding that only the most experienced hospital contract specialists can provide.

When you are ready to select a team to provide turn-key solutions for hurricane or windstorm protection for your hospital, you can rely on Enpro Contracting from start to finish. From Engineering expertise to FEMA grant writing, to product evaluation to installation management and know how, you can count on Enpro.

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